Additional Equipment

New and Used Oilfield Equipment for Sale!  


2 Full Frac Fleets

(42 Tier 2 Frac Pumps, 4 Blenders, 4 Hydration Units, 4 Chem Adds and 4 Datavans, Semi Tractors, Trailers, Trucks, Iron, new Powerends, new Fluid Ends, Etc…)


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Frac Pumps Engine/Transmission Combos Engine Hours
– Range 7336-10224 engine hours
– Range 3578-20364 engine hours
– Range 1480-21090 engine hours


Misc. Equipment & Components for Sale



Components Misc. Equipment
– SPM or GD Powerends, 1 year warranty
– New SPM SS Quint Fluid Ends
– New KALT SS Quint Fluid Ends
– New SPM Carbon Fluid Ends
SPM QWS2500 Powerend Cores
-SPM TWS2250 Powerend Cores
– 5 Twin 1000HP Double Pumpers
-1000HP Acid Pumper
-8 New Complete Sets of Lime Frac Controls