Level 1 Refurb

  • Complete PM service, all fluids and filters
  • Complete re-hose of the units
  • Disassemble the radiator, clean psi test cores, & re-gasket
  • Refurbish transmission cooler
  • New Full paint, two color, tear down except pump, rad, engine, trans
  • New Quintuplex manifold
  • New Charge plumbing
  • New Quintuplex greaser, system
  • Replace drivelines
  • New Driveline & Guards
  • Replace all fenders with aluminum, 2 front, 6 rear, rework mounts
  • Controls mount package, frame, shade, lights
  • New MDT controls, cables, and sensors (1 year factory warranty)
  • New factory reman Weir SPM, SERVA, Gardner Denver Quint Power Ends (1 year factory warranty)
  • New Weir SPM, BEST, or Kerr Fluid End w/ 4.5″ plungers